Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our testimony

As I have mentioned before, I started soaping to save my family money.  But I am not saving money.  Soaping has become a passion, and it is a very expensive hobby!  While I love to make soap, there is a bigger reason to continue.  My family.

I posted a list of ingredients in a commercial bar of soap, and what those ingredients actually are.  I also posted the ingredients I use.  For me, I do not want my children bathing in detergent and formaldehyde.

Before I started using my soap, I began taking a medication that removes all of the moisture from your skin.  I was applying lotion several times a day, with no relief.  My skin was dry, cracking and bleeding.  It was miserable.  Finally my soap was cured and I could use it.  I noticed a difference right away.  My skin was softer, and no longer constantly flaking.  I continued to use my soap, and my medication tripled over the course of a few months.  And what did I notice?  I rarely apply lotion, and my skin is soft and moisturized.  I am still on the medication - again triple the amount I was on before I started using my soap.  My Dermatologist is amazed at how good my skin looks.

One of my girls has severe eczema.  She is no longer on special lotions to help with her skin.  Her skin is soft, and her eczema is almost non existent.  

For us, we will never use commercial soaps again.  I only wish I hadn't waited so long before making the switch.

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