Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's in a name?

I am often asked why I chose Stargazer Soaps as my business name.   It isn't a simple answer!

Years ago, I had a small business.  At the time, my brother lived with me.  When I was searching for a name, he actually chose it for me.  Almost 4 years ago, my brother passed away.  

So many things I do, I do because of my brother.  He has inspired me.  To follow my dreams, to change the world, to be a better person.  When trying to find a name for my soap business, I wanted something to honor him.  But the name he chose years ago was not appropriate for my soap business.  One evening I was outside looking up at the stars.  Something my brother and I used to do.  When we were children, we would lay in the yard and watch the stars together.  It was a peaceful thing for us.  That is when it hit me.  Stargazer Soaps.  And for a theme, I can name each soap after something in the sky.  

I research every name I chose, and try to find something fitting for my soap.  It isn't easy!  However I am really enjoying learning so much about our universe.  And I feel like my brother is still involved in my business, from the Heavens above.  

So in honor of my Brother Aaron, Stargazer Soaps will continue to find inspiration from above.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Who doesn't want FREE soap?

Last year I had the opportunity to work with a few bloggers.  They did reviews of my soaps, and even giveaways.  That was very exciting for me!  And one of my favorite blogger.... Bianca from The Pierogie Mama just posted another review for me!  

Not only did she did a review, but a giveaway!  You can enter to win a $25 gift certificate!  And after you enter, take a look at the other bloggers she is working with as part of the Natural in the New Year Blog Hop, and enter to win many other prizes!

Working with Bianca has been such a joy!  If you aren't already following her, be sure to start today!  I offer special discount for her readers!  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New soaps!

I was finally able to make some soap!  Ahh.... how nice it was to be able to create again!  

First I made Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.  I did two batches, one scented & one unscented.  I used raw goat milk from a local dairy, and fresh, raw honey from a local farm, Creekside Honey.  (LOVE their Honey!)

This is a rough photo - I took this right after I cut the soaps.  But I am so pleased with them!  I took a little sliver and tested it - super early to do this BUT the bubbles!  Holly cow!  I can't wait to use this soap!  

Then I got to play with COLOR.  Here are Lyra, (Plumeria), & Cygnus, (Coconut Lime Verbena).  My 8 year old chose the colors and design for Lyra.  And she did an amazing job!  These soaps smell simply amazing! 

You can see me make these soaps!  Follow me on YouTube!

All four of these soaps will be fully cured March 4th, 2014.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Where have I been?

It has been way too long since I have written on my poor, neglected blog!  The holidays were crazy in our home.  But things are finally getting back to normal!  (With 4 children, is that even possible?)

A wonderful customer posted this on her Facebook page the other day: 

How cool is this?  Sadly, my shower does not look like either of these photos.  I don't have bottles in my shower, but do have a dozen or so soaps!  Like me, she has tossed all the chemicals.  She is even using Stargazer Soaps to wash her hair!  Now let me talk about that for a moment.

If you decide to toss your shampoo, know that your hair will have to detox.  It takes about 6 weeks for your hair to adjust.  In the meantime, you may need to use a conditioner once in a while, an apple cider vinegar rinse, or just rub in some coconut oil.  I have heard different reports - from oily, waxy hair, to dry and stringy during the detox period.  I can tell you - I almost gave up on several occasions.  But I am so glad I didn't.  My hair is soft and manageable, and I don't have to wash it every day anymore.  Which is better for your hair and scalp anyway!  I cut my husband's hair last night, and noticed his hair is thicker.  His bald spot is smaller!  (Sorry Honey!)  Something to note - the PH of soap is much higher than shampoo.  Depending on your hair and water, your results may be different than ours.  Everyone is unique!  I am currently playing with a shampoo bar and will share the results!  

My whole family uses our soaps for our whole body - face, hair, shaving, (my husband shaves his face with it!).  I even wash my dishes!  

I am preparing to make Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap tomorrow.  I will be using Raw Goat milk from a local farm, and Raw Honey from a local bee keeper!  I am so excited!  I will be offering scented and unscented versions.  Yay!