Monday, September 23, 2013

Holiday & Winter soaps

I just finished the last of my holiday soaps.  And I am so in love with them!  The scents are just amazing.

And they have inspired me to make some more warm, winter scents.  I am anxiously awaiting for some new fragrances to arrive later this week!  In the meantime, I have 8 Twilight soaps to make.  Busy week ahead!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why handmade soap?

Why handmade soap?  

  • Chemical Free - It takes 10 seconds for our skin to absorb the chemicals in commercial soap - Formaldehyde being one of them!
  • They are naturally moisturizing
  • Commercial soap companies remove the glycerin that is made during the soap making process and replace it with chemicals
  • Commercial soap companies add detergent to soap - to clean your shower while you use it!
  • Stargazer Soaps are absolutely chemical free - using only oils, minerals, clays, etc.  No dyes, no detergent, no formaldehyde!
  • Soap - true soap - requires oils/fats & an alkali in order to make soap. Most commercial bars are labeled as "beauty bar" or "body bar".  This is because they are made with detergents, and are not true soap.  This includes body wash.  Again, not soap!
  • If soap is not labeled as "soap", it does not fall under the strict soap FDA guidelines.  By claiming it is a cosmetic product, they can hide ingredients and make all sorts of claims.  The laws are different for each label, and much stricter for soaps.
  • We only use natural ingredients in our bars, however what sets apart our purely natural line from our silk line is that the purely natural soaps use essential oils whereas the silk line uses a combination of fragrance oil. 
Try our soaps today and see what your skin has been missing!  Visit us at

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Winter Soaps

I haven't posted in a while - been super busy in our home with back to school and new schedules!

I did make some new soap last week!  I made two winter soaps.  Hard to wrap my mind around needing to make Christmas soaps this week!


 Winter Solstice 
Alice - A Twilight soap
Purely Natural Coffee Soap

Some exciting news!  A blogger posted an amazing review about my soaps, and is hosting a giveaway!  Be sure to check her out at: 

AND more exciting news!  My website is finally up and running!  Find me at!

Hoping to soap today... fingers crossed my littles nap today so mommy can play!  I have some Christmas soaps planned with new techniques, and a couple Twilight soaps!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jupiter & Draco revisited

A few weeks ago I posted about soaping flops.  I had made Jupiter and Draco, and had to throw them out.  Last week, I gave it another go.  And I am thrilled to report they were a success!  Whew!

Draco - Fragranced with Juicy Red Apple

Jupiter - A spicy fall delight!  Containing nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, this is a perfect fall scent!

Monday, September 2, 2013

How to store your soap

Handmade soap does not last as long as commercial soap.  It lacks the detergents, preservatives and other chemicals commercial companies use.  The life of Handmade soap will depend on many factors.  How do you use it?  Loofa, washcloth, or direct to skin?  Where do you store it?  How is it stored?  

What to use with your soap is up to you.  Where and how you store your soap is really the important factor.  Keeping your soap dry in-between uses will prolong the life.  I suggest using a well draining soap dish like this one I found for $.99.   


If you have it on your counters, you can put it in a pretty soap dish to keep the water off your counter.  Don't store your soap under your shower head, but instead keep it away from possible drips and puddles.

On average, fully cured handmade soaps should last 1 week per ounce.  This is for one person, so if you are sharing this will be less time.