Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Recently I heard of a fragrance company that did a line of fragrance based on the Twilight series.  And with a house full of girls who are crazy about Twilight, I just HAD to have them.  They arrived yesterday, and we sat on the floor smelling them, and talking about colors.  Tonight I soaped our first Twilight soap - Volturi.  It is described as Timeless lemon, lime, lavender and amber combine with cedar, clover and patchouly.  It is a rich, sexy and enticing scent.  It actually smells very nice.  It is a very light fragrance, and pretty masculine.  We chose to use gold, red and black.  I was prepared to soap quickly, and I had heard the scent was a big seizer.  But thankfully, I had no issues with it!  I am SO excited to cut into it to see what we have!  I am working on uploading the video now!

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