Friday, October 4, 2013


It's been a while since I have posted!  It has been crazy in our household.  Everyone is asleep except me, and while I am nursing a migraine I decided to take a few moments to catch up!

As most know, I have a Youtube channel.  I don't film 100% of my soap batches, but do film most of them.  I have found the videos help me later when I need to remember how I made a soap.  

I always find it interesting when people comment.  Some are so nice, others not so much.  Thankfully most all of the comments I have received have been positive.  Some soaper friends I follow have had some nasty comments - it's easy to hide behind a computer screen.  

Tonight I had some comments on a video that caused concern for me.  The commenter stated that Titanium Dioxide is as natural as dog poo.... and that my caffeine isn't safe as we shouldn't use products from China.  He went on to instruct me that I should be testing my products prior to selling to the public.  He happily shared more thoughts on how I should make soap, finishing with he has never made soap himself.  Well that explained a lot!  

So to put the minds of my customers at ease - I do not purchase caffeine from China!  It is an American made product, and does not contain fillers or any junk.  It is 100% pure.  

I have done extensive testing, and tweaking and more testing, and continue to do so.  I test every batch of soap I make.  If I wouldn't use it on my family, I would not sell it and allow someone else use it.  

Titanium Dioxide.   Titanium Dioxide is a mineral.  (So is Salt!)  It is perfectly safe, and 100% natural.  Though I would not eat it in the pure form, it can be found in products we consume.  Organic and non organic alike.  Look at your labels - vitamins?  You may be surprised at what you find!

I began soaping because of the research I did on chemicals in soap.  The products I use have been throughly researched, and I am careful with what I chose.  I disclose 100% of my ingredients so you can have the tools you need to make an educated decision.  I want my customers to have confidence in my soap.  I use products that I find acceptable to bathe my children with.  Everyone in my household uses my soap on a daily basis.  

I encourage everyone to do their own research, decide what is and is not acceptable to you, and use the products that meet those needs.  

Anyone wanting to see my videos on Youtube, can find me Here.

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