Friday, February 7, 2014

What about shampoo?

In a previous blog post I touched on using bar soap as shampoo, rather than commercial products.  This is a tricky thing!  And results will vary for everyone.  I am going to share my experience with you.

When I first started making my own soap, I tried washing my hair with my bar.  The first day I was so excited!  But that excitement quickly faded.  My hair was so tangly and waxy that I couldn't get a brush through it.  Well, my experiment was over.  I decided bar soap and hair didn't go together.

That didn't end my desire for it to work though.  So while I kept using commercial shampoo, I was researching shampoo bars like crazy.  I found a common theme.  People either loved them or hated them.  Many things come into play with shampoo bars.  First thing to know is your hair's PH is different than your skin.  And the natural PH of handmade soap is perfect for skin.  And when making the switch from commercial products to handmade, there is a detox period.  This applies to your hair and skin!  The time varies for everyone, but six weeks is pretty normal.

While I was researching, my step dad mentioned he had been using the soap as shampoo and loved it.  Well, my three days wasn't going to cut it.  So I grabbed a bar loaded with butters, determined to try again.  

Many days I wanted to give up.  My hair was waxy, hard to brush, and, well it's hard to describe!  But I almost gave up.  Some people talk about using an apple cider vinegar rinse.  Well, I hate the smell of vinegar.  Despise it. So that wasn't an option for me.  I started using pure coconut oil to condition a few times a week.  It helped, but I still wasn't happy.  But I didn't give up.  And one day I noticed something different.  My hair was soft, thick, and manageable.  I also discovered I didn't need to wash every day.  And unlike when I was using shampoo, my hair did not get greasy between washes.  

This renewed my quest for a shampoo bar.  I began playing with formulas, and finally made a batch about a month ago.  It is really soft, so will need a longer cure time.  After about 3 weeks, I couldn't wait anymore.  I took a tiny piece and tried it.  And I have to say - I am in LOVE with it!  My hair is soft and silky, and feels amazing!  I have severe eczema on my scalp - which has not flared up once in the last 2 weeks, in-spite of the really cold and dry weather.  

My husband has noticed a difference too.  His bald spot is getting smaller!  His hair is thicker, and he isn't noticing as much falling out anymore.  

Now your results may vary.  Many things factor into the success of shampoo bars.  Are you prepared for the six week detox period?  It isn't easy - but worth it!  Do you have hard or soft water?  Thick or thin hair?  Coarse or fine?  

I will be releasing my shampoo bars in the coming months once I perfect my formula.  While my natural & silk soaps worked well for us, the shampoo bars are even better!  My whole family is washing their hair with my shampoo bars and we all love them!  

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