Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's in a name?

I am often asked why I chose Stargazer Soaps as my business name.   It isn't a simple answer!

Years ago, I had a small business.  At the time, my brother lived with me.  When I was searching for a name, he actually chose it for me.  Almost 4 years ago, my brother passed away.  

So many things I do, I do because of my brother.  He has inspired me.  To follow my dreams, to change the world, to be a better person.  When trying to find a name for my soap business, I wanted something to honor him.  But the name he chose years ago was not appropriate for my soap business.  One evening I was outside looking up at the stars.  Something my brother and I used to do.  When we were children, we would lay in the yard and watch the stars together.  It was a peaceful thing for us.  That is when it hit me.  Stargazer Soaps.  And for a theme, I can name each soap after something in the sky.  

I research every name I chose, and try to find something fitting for my soap.  It isn't easy!  However I am really enjoying learning so much about our universe.  And I feel like my brother is still involved in my business, from the Heavens above.  

So in honor of my Brother Aaron, Stargazer Soaps will continue to find inspiration from above.  

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