Monday, January 20, 2014

Where have I been?

It has been way too long since I have written on my poor, neglected blog!  The holidays were crazy in our home.  But things are finally getting back to normal!  (With 4 children, is that even possible?)

A wonderful customer posted this on her Facebook page the other day: 

How cool is this?  Sadly, my shower does not look like either of these photos.  I don't have bottles in my shower, but do have a dozen or so soaps!  Like me, she has tossed all the chemicals.  She is even using Stargazer Soaps to wash her hair!  Now let me talk about that for a moment.

If you decide to toss your shampoo, know that your hair will have to detox.  It takes about 6 weeks for your hair to adjust.  In the meantime, you may need to use a conditioner once in a while, an apple cider vinegar rinse, or just rub in some coconut oil.  I have heard different reports - from oily, waxy hair, to dry and stringy during the detox period.  I can tell you - I almost gave up on several occasions.  But I am so glad I didn't.  My hair is soft and manageable, and I don't have to wash it every day anymore.  Which is better for your hair and scalp anyway!  I cut my husband's hair last night, and noticed his hair is thicker.  His bald spot is smaller!  (Sorry Honey!)  Something to note - the PH of soap is much higher than shampoo.  Depending on your hair and water, your results may be different than ours.  Everyone is unique!  I am currently playing with a shampoo bar and will share the results!  

My whole family uses our soaps for our whole body - face, hair, shaving, (my husband shaves his face with it!).  I even wash my dishes!  

I am preparing to make Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap tomorrow.  I will be using Raw Goat milk from a local farm, and Raw Honey from a local bee keeper!  I am so excited!  I will be offering scented and unscented versions.  Yay!

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